Antonio Falcone coming from an impoverished background in Italy, 1963 turned out to be a year that was very significant in his life and brought him to London.


Antonio was devout to comfort and hardwearing clothing. A devoted family man revered by his community. Our clothing is not only something he would be proud to wear. He would also know it originated from him. So as you go from office to the pub and socialise, you can trust Antonio Falcone, Works.

Antonio's local pub in London

But after finding a manufacturer that could relate to Antonio Falcone’s dream and vision and one that shared in the passion that started with his father, the Antonio Falcone brand was born and continues to grow aggressively.


Our mission as a brand is to provide fashion lovers with practical, high-end clothing made from the finest fabrics and accessories the market has to offer.

We invest in research and development to incorporate the latest trends and fashion designs into our line of comfortable everyday wear for all seasons.